Dealing with Jealousy and Polyamory

Dealing with jealousy and polyamory


The earlier the people in polyamorous relationships discover that jealousy is inevitable the better for them all. This is because; they will try to find amicable solutions to this problem. Jealousy and polyamory being inseparable, the following measures are geared towards helping the partners solve this problem.

Solving the jealousy menace

Do not act when under the control of your emotions: a person full of jealous may end up in more problematic conditions. Emotions make people to over react on unjustified issues and especially when such emotions are powered by jealousy. Therefore, avoid reacting in such circumstances, let the emotions settle before taking an action. One way of avoiding this can be by engaging in another activity or visiting your polyamorous friends.

Avoid blaming one another: Jealousy works in different ways. The person will try to lay accusations on the other so that they can respond and use it as the basis of the conflict. People are created in a way that they can sense when their partners are not okay. Therefore, avoid picking up a quarrel with your partner especially when you think he or she is suffering from jealous.

Communicate as much as possible: It is said that talking about the issue is one of the ways of solving such an issue. Therefore, always talk to your partner when you feel threatened in your relationship. This is the only way of resolving the issue amicably. On the other hand, when your partner approaches you with an issue which you suspect may be causing jealous, try to convince him or her that the matter is resolved.

Avoid the blinding effects: some people will always seem okay even in cases where there is a problem. Therefore make sure that your partners are okay. Always ask them how they feel when you are together or when they see you with other partners. It is from their responses where you can evaluate them.

Be generous: people will feel jealous when they feel that there are restrictions between you and them and also a difference on how you treat others. Therefore be generous with your love and financial resources too.


Jealousy and polyamory can be dealt with thorough observing the above measures. The government should also support such people by offering free guidance and counseling to the affected parties.



Recovering from Grief after a Breakup

Recovering from Grief after a Breakup
greif-after-breakupSome many relationships do not end the way we wish they could. There is a good percentage of these relationships that end up broken. It is a feeling of grief when you break up with the one that you loved.
It is very normal and natural to feel grief after a break up. This process helps to harden individuals and make them better persons who can also endure more difficult circumstances in future.
The process of grieving involves stages that include denial and shock, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance. One has to pass through these stages in order to give full assurance of recovery from the painful separation.
People take different directions while trying to cope with grief. You can use some effective means to help you recover from grief and loss after break up. Here are the tips to help you cope with the situation;
You need to get friends and family to be there for you so that you can avoid being alone. They can help you by giving advice, lending you a listening ear, encourage you or just be there to accompany you. Other people seek support from groups or find qualified therapists that offer the same and they will find solace there.
It is also important to give yourself some rest in form of break. Break up is a draining process and you will require replenishing your lost energy for you to move on.
You need to go through the whole process of grieving to ensure that you heal completely. It does not matter how much time you take to heal, the end result should be a well rejuvenated person who is ready to face life again. Grieving will help you release the entire obstacle that would bring you down. It will also help you know how to deal with other relationships in future.

Online Fashion Jewelry

Online fashion jewelry

fashion-jewelry-2Today, online shopping has increasingly become very popular. Whether it is because of the cheaper price range or simply because of the accompanying conveniences is till debatable.

Unless you are a celebrity, you are probably getting your fashion jewelry fixed somewhere else besides those designer shops of global repute like Cartier. It is really an excellent idea to pick up those without leaving having to leave the sweet comfort of that sofa or your house.

True, the traditional jewelers were at one time preferred and were the only method available to purchase or acquire fine jewelry then, but today, many buyers prefer the affordability and sweet convenience of online shopping. Fact is that online handmade jewelry merchants do offer a much more diverse and greater selection than the local retailers, which allows you to browse for the best gemstones, diamond rings, earrings and necklaces from that comfort of being in your house or home.

Many women today enjoy trendy fashion and fashion jewelry is now part of the modern woman of the 21st century. She desires and wants to put on great and fine accessories and fine jewelry compliments that fashion conscious lady. While fine jewelry may be her first choice, it also happens to be quite expensive. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is usually attainable at low affordable prices in a various colors, design, size and patterns and now also available online.

Latest and changing trends including online handmade fashion jewelry have moved from the traditional use metal ingredients and they are now integrating and incorporating into it other new materials such as wood, clay, resin, cloth and some other semiprecious stones which create and develop some rather unique, interesting catchy intricate patterns and colors that dazzle with  their many combinations.

In spite of today’s high and ever rising cost of living and products, acquiring fashion jewelry and other accessories is not that difficult. Supermarkets, huge malls, departmental chain stores and even the tiny jewel store are all readily sealing and dealing with these items.

Is Marriage Counseling Right For You?

Are you happy with your marriage? If you feel like you are having a hard time communicating with your spouse, cannot resolve conflicts or feel unsatisfied with your marriage, meeting with a marriage counselor could be the answer to your problems.

Fixing a relationship is tough. It is often very difficult for the couple to understand what is harming their relationship and take action toward healing their marriage. This is where the marriage counselor comes in. Thanks to their position as an observer, the marriage counselor will be able to identify the deep-rooted issues of your couple.

A marriage counseling can help you overcome communication problems in your couple. If you are not sure why you can’t have a meaningful conversation with your spouse, why you seem to argue all the time or why your sex life is not what it used to be, counseling will help you address these issues and learn more about your couple. You will acquire the tools you need to properly communicate with your spouse and find out how you can work toward fixing the relationship.

In some cases, the marriage counselor might not be able to save your marriage. Regardless of the outcome, talking to a counselor will help you make well thought out decisions rather than letting your negative feelings guide you. It is sometimes best for a couple to go their separate ways instead of working on fixing a relationship that is strained beyond any possible reconciliation. If counseling leads to this decision, the marriage counselor can help you and your spouse separate in a healthy manner by encouraging communication.

The marriage counselor will give you and your spouse a chance to talk and explain your point of view on the conflicts that are causing tensions in your couple. The counselor will guide the conversation so both spouses have a chance to express themselves on the dividing issues. You will receive helpful tips on how to express your feelings to your spouse and on how to handle conflicts. You will even learn to argue fairly so the conflicts you encounter become occasions to communicate and compromise rather than further straining your relationship. Acquiring these skills takes time and requires some work from both spouses, but benefiting from the guidance of a good marriage counselor will really make a difference.
Do you feel like getting help from a marriage counselor could benefit your relationship? You should discuss marriage counseling with your spouse and look for a marriage counselor if your spouse agrees to going to counseling.


Clean Romance – Overcoming the Challenges and Competing in The Big Market of Romance Novels

written by: Elnora Brabant

clean_romance-1Clean romance is a literary genre that has endured throughout the ages because of the broad audience to which it appeals. Although a market will always exist for steamy romance novels, over the past several years there has been a definite trend toward new and interesting romantic plots that involve more than just one explicit sex scene after another. Novels and stories containing the latter often have weak or virtually nonexistent plots, and after reading a handful of such books many avid readers quickly become bored.

Widespread Appeal

For this reason, clean romance and Christian fiction appeal to many readers throughout the world, as such writing is typically associated with a greater amount of skill and talent on the part of the author. This is because writers of such fiction must create a vivid storyline and believable characters without relying on fluff, such as the aforementioned adult scenes. This makes the story itself stand or fall on its own.

A Strong Plot

clean_romance-2Contrary to what many individuals may think, those who write clean romance novels or short stories are not simply using the world of literature as a platform from which to preach their own individual ideals or morals. Rather, clean romance is typically associated with a much stronger plot than other forms of romance writing that rely on multiple scenes built around erotica or adult situations.

Christian Themed Stories

The same is true for Christian fiction. A thoroughly enjoyable form of entertainment, Christian fiction is a genre that appeals to those who enjoy riveting and inspiring literature in which the Christian theme is skillfully woven. Writers of Christian romance must draw from their creativity and talent to create engaging scenes and sequels throughout the novel, the latter of which must involve the reader and make him or her want to turn the next page.

Regardless of a reader’s personal taste in literature, most people would agree that Christian fiction, including clean romance and other novels or short stories in this genre, stand or fall based on the strength of the plot or theme of the piece itself.

Struggles Followed by Happy Endings

Authors of such literature frequently create enjoyable and engaging love stories that remind individuals of the excitement of the first romance they experienced when they were young. In addition, in today’s world of unhappy endings, many individuals enjoy this type of fiction as it usually commences on a positive note, regardless of the tests and trials the primary characters may experience in order to emerge triumphant.

Ultimately, writers of clean romance rely on a strong storyline or plot and very realistic characters to create unforgettable novels that will please a diverse number of readers. Books and short stories of this type pull the reader into the world the romance author has created and take him or her from one place to another as the story unfolds. For this reason, novels and short stories in this genre leave a permanent and positive imprint on the heart and soul of each reader.