Clean Romance – Overcoming the Challenges and Competing in The Big Market of Romance Novels

written by: Elnora Brabant

clean_romance-1Clean romance is a literary genre that has endured throughout the ages because of the broad audience to which it appeals. Although a market will always exist for steamy romance novels, over the past several years there has been a definite trend toward new and interesting romantic plots that involve more than just one explicit sex scene after another. Novels and stories containing the latter often have weak or virtually nonexistent plots, and after reading a handful of such books many avid readers quickly become bored.

Widespread Appeal

For this reason, clean romance and Christian fiction appeal to many readers throughout the world, as such writing is typically associated with a greater amount of skill and talent on the part of the author. This is because writers of such fiction must create a vivid storyline and believable characters without relying on fluff, such as the aforementioned adult scenes. This makes the story itself stand or fall on its own.

A Strong Plot

clean_romance-2Contrary to what many individuals may think, those who write clean romance novels or short stories are not simply using the world of literature as a platform from which to preach their own individual ideals or morals. Rather, clean romance is typically associated with a much stronger plot than other forms of romance writing that rely on multiple scenes built around erotica or adult situations.

Christian Themed Stories

The same is true for Christian fiction. A thoroughly enjoyable form of entertainment, Christian fiction is a genre that appeals to those who enjoy riveting and inspiring literature in which the Christian theme is skillfully woven. Writers of Christian romance must draw from their creativity and talent to create engaging scenes and sequels throughout the novel, the latter of which must involve the reader and make him or her want to turn the next page.

Regardless of a reader’s personal taste in literature, most people would agree that Christian fiction, including clean romance and other novels or short stories in this genre, stand or fall based on the strength of the plot or theme of the piece itself.

Struggles Followed by Happy Endings

Authors of such literature frequently create enjoyable and engaging love stories that remind individuals of the excitement of the first romance they experienced when they were young. In addition, in today’s world of unhappy endings, many individuals enjoy this type of fiction as it usually commences on a positive note, regardless of the tests and trials the primary characters may experience in order to emerge triumphant.

Ultimately, writers of clean romance rely on a strong storyline or plot and very realistic characters to create unforgettable novels that will please a diverse number of readers. Books and short stories of this type pull the reader into the world the romance author has created and take him or her from one place to another as the story unfolds. For this reason, novels and short stories in this genre leave a permanent and positive imprint on the heart and soul of each reader.

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