Dealing with Jealousy and Polyamory

Dealing with jealousy and polyamory


The earlier the people in polyamorous relationships discover that jealousy is inevitable the better for them all. This is because; they will try to find amicable solutions to this problem. Jealousy and polyamory being inseparable, the following measures are geared towards helping the partners solve this problem.

Solving the jealousy menace

Do not act when under the control of your emotions: a person full of jealous may end up in more problematic conditions. Emotions make people to over react on unjustified issues and especially when such emotions are powered by jealousy. Therefore, avoid reacting in such circumstances, let the emotions settle before taking an action. One way of avoiding this can be by engaging in another activity or visiting your polyamorous friends.

Avoid blaming one another: Jealousy works in different ways. The person will try to lay accusations on the other so that they can respond and use it as the basis of the conflict. People are created in a way that they can sense when their partners are not okay. Therefore, avoid picking up a quarrel with your partner especially when you think he or she is suffering from jealous.

Communicate as much as possible: It is said that talking about the issue is one of the ways of solving such an issue. Therefore, always talk to your partner when you feel threatened in your relationship. This is the only way of resolving the issue amicably. On the other hand, when your partner approaches you with an issue which you suspect may be causing jealous, try to convince him or her that the matter is resolved.

Avoid the blinding effects: some people will always seem okay even in cases where there is a problem. Therefore make sure that your partners are okay. Always ask them how they feel when you are together or when they see you with other partners. It is from their responses where you can evaluate them.

Be generous: people will feel jealous when they feel that there are restrictions between you and them and also a difference on how you treat others. Therefore be generous with your love and financial resources too.


Jealousy and polyamory can be dealt with thorough observing the above measures. The government should also support such people by offering free guidance and counseling to the affected parties.



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